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Mother fastening safety belt for her baby boy in his car seat. Children's Car Seat Safety

Child Car Safety Tips

It’s officially the holiday season, and that usually means lots of road trips to visit out of town family and friends and of course, driving to look at holiday decorations and going to holiday gatherings. With all of this traveling, the safety of your children is always of the utmost importance, so today we’re gonna talk about car safety tips for children.

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Mechanic replace windshield wipers on car. Replacing wiper blades Change cars wiper blades. Technician Man changing windshield wipers blades on car.

All About Your Windshield Wipers

Windshields are your ultimate protection when in a vehicle. Because of this, your windshield wipers are your ultimate defense and protection for your windshield. They’re not the most exciting thing and definitely not the top thing on people’s minds when they think of their vehicles! However, they are vitally important.

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Is Buying Used Auto Glass a Good Idea?

Auto glass all over the vehicle, your windshield, your rear windshield, side mirrors, side windows, and rearview mirror all serve as protection for the full vehicle from the elements and is a vital part of your vehicle and safety. Unfortunately, we can all be victims of vandalism or natural disasters. You go out to your car one morning and your rear windshield and back windows have been shattered. Your rearview mirror has mysteriously fallen off and shattered. It’s not only front windshields that experience damage! Buying used auto parts for your vehicle is probably the cheapest way to replace parts, and it is often the same case with used auto glass. However, is it worth it? The short answer: sometimes, especially when replacing side windows and side mirrors. Today we take a deep dive into used auto glass. What are some of the pros and cons of buying auto glass? What is the process to buying used auto glass?

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A Few Simple Suggestions To Make Your Winter Driving Easier

Winter is coming quicker than we realize and a few steps of prevention can protect from the frustration of being stranded in a storm and hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair from them. Don’t get caught unprepared in the middle of a snow storm with a broken down vehicle and follow these steps to winterize your vehicle to make it easier on you.

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How Does Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Work with Insurance?

It’s happened to all of us. A storm hit your town last night, it got really bad, a tree landed on your vehicle, and now you have a cracked windshield. Well, did you know that the most frequent of insurance vehicle claims is glass damage? 80 percent of those are windshield damage versus side or back glass and 13 to 14 million windshields are replaced each year! What can you do? Should you file for insurance to repair or replace? Or should you cost the cost on your own? Let’s talk about auto glass repair and insurance!

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11 Tips to Protect Your Best Asset – Your Auto Glass!

Your windshield is kind of a big deal. Can you imagine a ride without it? Bugs and rocks flying at you, impairing your ability to drive. No thanks! Your windshield has multiple functions, such as providing protection from the elements, protecting passengers from injuries, reducing highway noise and blocking UV radiation. A good windshield also offers enhanced driving visibility and ensures proper air bag deployment. Because of this, you want to keep your windshield in tip top shape and take care of your auto glass to avoid the need for repairs (even though we love to see you!) Here are some ways to maintain your autoglass best.

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