Spring Break Road Trip Tips

spring break road trip

Spring is finally here! One of the best parts about spring, other than the warm weather and blooming flowers, is the chance to get away from the daily grind and let loose with your family. The world is finally reopening, amidst a pandemic, and we are itching to get out on the road and explore unknown places. It’s never too late to plan a spring break road trip for your family. Here are a few tips to make the trip your best trip ever.

Get Your Car Ready

The first thing we recommend you do is get your vehicle ready for your spring break road trip. Spring maintenance is always a good idea after a long winter, especially after one where the cars have not been driven as much as they normally are. Visit a mechanic before any trip. Common parts that need to be replaced often are spark plugs, wires, and air and fuel filters. Check the oil levels and the battery. An ounce of prevention is better than hours of roadside emergencies on your vacation memories. 

Some things to check for yourself are:

  • Tires – Check your air pressure and tread. Ensure there is a spare tire available.
  • Lights – Make sure that all of your lights are in working order, including headlights, rear and brake lights, turn signals, and emergency lights
  • Wiper Blades – Evaluate your wiper blades for wear and tear from the winter months. If they look torn up at all, replace them.
  • Cooling System – Check the fluid in your cooling system and add water and/or coolant if necessary.
  • Recalls – Double check your vehicle isn’t involved in any safety recalls before you head out on your trip. 

Create A Budget

Building a budget will help to keep you from overspending while you are away. Your budget should include:

  • Travel expenses (Car rental, gas, car maintenance, etc.)
  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Activities

It is always a good idea to have a bit of extra money set aside for emergencies. Put it towards your next trip if you don’t have to use it on this trip. 

Save money on your spring break road trip by using apps to search for the best gas prices, travel packages, and more. 

Make Sure You Have The Right Documents

Keep all of the important documents like automobile registration and insurance information somewhere handy. If you are going somewhere that will require you to cross a border, remember to bring your passport as well. US insurance coverage stops when you cross the border, so make sure you have some supplemental insurance available. 

Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving is a major cause of auto accidents in the United States. Over 2,800 people were killed and an estimated 400,000 were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver in 2018. Many states have laws restricting driving while using a cell phone, so be sure to keep your phone somewhere where it won’t be a distraction. Focus on the road and stay alert at all times.

Wear Your Seatbelt

This could be life-saving advice for you and your family. Be sure to wear your seatbelt at all times the vehicle is operating. Many fatalities in motor vehicle accidents are caused by someone not buckling up. 

Stay COVID Safe

Many states have COVID-19 restrictions in place meant to help keep you and your family safe. Be sure to check local laws where you are going to ensure you comply with them. Bring face masks and hand sanitizer with you on your trip. Social distance from people who are not with your group. Choose outdoor activities and dining. Wash your hands for 20 seconds after touching any surfaces. 

Do Not Drink And Drive

Spring break can be a fun time of partying. If you have had anything alcoholic to drink, don’t get behind the wheel. Not only could it endanger your life and anyone on the road with you, a DUI can be disastrous to your life and can get even messier when it is out of state. Get a designated driver or call a cab or ride sharing company to give you a ride if you have had any alcoholic beverages. 

Pick The Right Destination

Make sure the vacation you are planning is suitable for the members going on the vacation. Ensure that the weather at your destination will be ok in advance. Rainstorms when you were meant to explore all week means you need to come up with an alternative plan. 

Pack Smart

Reinforcing the point above, check the forecast before you go so you know what to pack. Make a list of exactly what you need for each day and only pack those items. Limit the kids to one or two toys to cut down on clutter. 

Bring Snacks

Bring healthy snacks with you on your spring break road trip. Greasy fast food and gas station treats are what you have to look forward to on your journey. Save money and stay healthy by packing your own snacks. Nuts and seeds, fruits, and vegetables are great options to pack with you. Don’t forget to pack a cooler with plenty of water and juice to stay hydrated on your trip. 

Keep Your Car Clean

Clean your car out before your trip and then keep it clean by purchasing small trash containers to place strategically. Clean as you go with some advance preparation.

Have An Emergency Kit

It’s important to always have both a roadside emergency kit and a first aid kit in your vehicle. 

Your roadside emergency kit should include things like road flares, a tire jack, and jumper cables. A first aid kit should include things like band-aids, gauze pads, tweezers, gloves, and alcohol wipes. 

Keep The Kids Entertained

There are many fun ways to keep the kids entertained on long road trips. Play “I Spy,” turn your backseat into a theater, or listen to kid friendly audiobooks on your trip.  

Take Frequent Driving Breaks

If only one person is driving the entire time, plan frequent driving breaks so the driver doesn’t get too fatigued. If multiple people are driving, switch out drivers often to cut down on driver fatigue. Driving drowsy is just as bad as driving drunk or driving distracted.

Final Words

Don’t forget to soak it all in! After a year of a worldwide pandemic, road trips are looking to be a common thing in our future. Make sure your auto glass is up to the task by contacting us at 877-49-GLASS today.

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