When To Get Your Windshield Replaced

windshield replacement

Knowing when to get your windshield replaced is an important thing to know. The windshield in your car is for your safety. Imagine driving a car without it, and suddenly you are attacked by a storm of dust and rocks. Doesn’t sound so cool, right? This is why a vehicle’s windshield is essential for you.

Byrd Baggett says: ”Look at life through the windshield and not the rearview mirror.” Your windshield exhibits the path to your destination ahead. If the path is blurry, you will never reach your destination. It is important to take care of your windshield to avoid any mishaps on the way.

Understanding The Purpose of Your Windshield

The windshield is the front window of your car. Unlike the other windows of your automobile, it is facing forward. A windshield, also known as a windscreen, is manufactured from a double layer of laminated glass. This double layer gives a windshield its characteristic strength. It assures your safety from all the outside materials, blocks UV radiations, and diminishes the noise from the surroundings. It is essential to take care of your windshield because, without it, one simply cannot drive.

Repair or Replace: How Do I Know If I Need Windshield Repair or Replacement?

There can be minor or major damages to your windscreen. Damages can include scratched glass, chipped glass, cracked glass, and/or a shattered windscreen. Certainly, understanding the type of damage is what saves you some money.

  • Scratched glass: A minor damage

Scratched glass is small damage to your windscreen. It is effortlessly fixed. After getting it repaired, make sure to take care of it to avoid any future accidents. It is necessary to repair a scratched windshield, more importantly so if it’s an obstacle in the driver’s line of vision. In conclusion, take your car to the auto glass experts to get it repaired.

  • Chipped glass: Not severe damage unless neglected

Impact force causes chipping of glass. It is typically repaired with ease if not in the driver’s line of vision. If you ignore it, your chances of needing it completely replaced are higher. You need a windshield replacement the deeper the penetration of the chip gets. 

  • Cracked glass: An alarming condition

Cracked glass is dangerous. It weakens the glass structure and causes it to break into pieces with just a small amount of force applied. Cracked glass is more prone to cause accidents and can prove fatal. Therefore, be sure to get your cracked glass fixed immediately by contacting your auto glass repair shop to keep you safe from any accidents.

  • Scattered glass: An immediate windscreen replacement is a necessity

The scattered glass demands an immediate windshield replacement. You must not drive your car if your windshield is broken to this severe intensity. Definitely contact a proficient auto glass repair company and get your windshield replaced immediately.

  • Blurry vision to your path

A driver must always be vigilant. Drivers often make decisions within a blink of an eye. Any obstructed vision is critical. A crack overlooked as a ‘blind spot’ may even result in total wreckage of your automobile. Cracks with the spider-like webs distort vision in extreme weather conditions. As a consequence, your ability to see is compromised. Do not settle for a compromised sight of the driver and get an immediate replacement done.

  • White haze around your auto glass

Auto glass technicians use a substance called polyvinyl butyral (PVB) to give a polished treatment on the auto glass for enhanced protection. Its sole function is to crack the glass in any collision into smaller and rounder pieces to shield the passengers and the passer-by. An appearance of a white haze around the auto glass is a sign that the protection layer is leaving its place. In this case, your safety is compromised. As a result, there will be larger and sharper chunks on your face proffering you critical injuries in case of any misfortune. It is possibly putting you, your family and friends, and the passer-by in danger. Do not compromise on your safety. It is better to get your windshield replaced promptly if you see a white haze on your windscreen.

What else should I know about windshield repair and replacement?

  • Inspection alert

A windshield has to be taken care of before the inspection of your car. Any chipped or cracked auto glass may cause it to fall off. If you can afford to bear the expenses, opt for a windshield replacement instead of a windshield repair in case of any suspected damage to your windshield.

  • Windshield repair may not be enough

You spent your hard-earned money on repairing a chipped or cracked auto glass, and you are not satisfied with the result. All you get is an irregularly finished, blurry glass. Going for another round of windshield repair won’t be a wise decision. It is better to consider windshield replacement at this point.

  • Weather changes the behavior of your auto glass

Glass is highly affected by the difference in temperatures. Turning on a heater on a cold day causes the outer auto glass to be chilled enough, whereas the inner glass remains hot. This variance may result in chipping and cracking of your auto glass. Similarly, washing away the ice with a hot water bath yields a temperature shock to the glass. You may cause a crack in your glass this way.

Because of this, it is highly suggested to drive less in the cold weather. However, if you do so, your auto-glass won’t be the same. Get in touch with a professional to know if it is necessary to get your windshield replaced. 

  • Broken windshield must be taken seriously

A hole in a windshield can blow out the glass with a hit of a small rock. If not blown, it will be a source of dust, noises, and insects in your vehicle. Windshield replacement is inevitable here. Tow your car immediately to the professional auto glass repairing company if you find a missing piece on your windscreen.

A Cheat Sheet: Rules for Windshield Replacement

Can’t remember all of this? Follow these rules to know if you need to get your windshield replaced:

  •       You have tempered glass.
  •       Your repair bill is more or less equivalent to your windshield replacement.
  •       Damage has seeped halfway into the windscreen.
  •       The crack or chip is spread to the outer edge.

Where Should I Go For Windshield Replacement?

Finding any of the signs above are reasons to quickly find someone to replace your windshield. If you are seeking the services of a professional for your windshield replacement in the US, then we at Auto Glass Doc are here for you. We have 30 years of expertise in this field. We provide you with quality work and ultimate satisfaction. Call us today at 877-49-GLASS or contact us online for any assistance pertaining to your auto door needs.

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